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There actually seems to be little information about the Gilpin Tramway on the internet (which is one reason I created this web site).  But below are those links I can find.

bulletGilpin Historic Society
bulletA good place to start looking for info on the Gilpin.
bulletGilpin Railroad Historic Society
bulletSn2 Gilpin District Tramway
bulletAn Sn2 Layout covering the Gilpin.


bulletBlack Hawk - Roger Baker, 2004, ISBN 0-9728917-1-4 Black Hawk Publishing, Central City CO
bulletCentral City and Gilpin County - Robert L Brown, 1994, ISBN 0-87004-363-3, The Caxton Printers, Caldwell ID
bulletCentral City A Ballad of the West - Nancy and Myron Wood, 1963, Chaparral Press, Colorado Springs, CO
bulletCentral City and the History of Gilpin County - Darlene Leslie, Kelle Rankin-Sunter, Deborah Wightman, 1990,  TB Publishing, Black Hawk CO
bulletCentral City, Black Hawk and Nevadaville 1859-1876 (reprint from The Gold Mines of Gilpin County Colorado.  Cushman and Waterman, 1876), John Osterberg, 1991
bulletColorado's Little Kingdom, Donald Kemp, 1949 Sage Books
bulletColorado Southern Railway, Clear Creek Narrow Gauge - Allan C Lewis, 2004, ISBN 0-7385-2929, Arcadia Publishing, Charleston SC
bulletEconomic geology of Gilpin County and adjacent parts of Clear Creek and Boulder counties, Colo. - Bastin, E.S., and J.M. Hill, 1917, U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 94
bulletGilpin County Gold, Peter McFarlane 1848-1929 H William Axford, 1976, Sage Books, Denver CO
bulletThe Gilpin Gold Tram - Mallory Hope Ferrell, 1970, ISBN: 0-911581-25-1
bulletAn excellent book on the Gilpin.
bulletGilpin Railroad Station Listing - Dan Abbott, 2004 Gilpin Railroad Historic Society
bulletThe Gilpin Tram - Frank R. Hollenback, 1958 Sage Books
bulletSmall but loaded with details.   Hard to find book.
bulletGlimpses of Golden Gilpin Colorado - Gilpin County Chamber of Commerce, 1909
bulletGold Mines of Gilpin County, Colorado - Samuel Cushman and J. P. Waterman, 1876 Register Steam Printing House
bulletGulch of Gold Caroline Bancroft, 1958, Sage Books, Denver CO
bulletInside the Mountains, A History of Mining Around Central City, Colorado - Terry Cox, 1989, ISBN: 0-87108-761-8, Pruett Publishing
bulletNarrow Gauge to Central and Silver Plume - Cornelius W. Hauck, 1972, ISBN: 0-918654-10-6
bulletThis book is about the other railroad that served Black Hawk and Central City, the Colorado Central. 
bulletThree Foot Rails, A Quick History of The Colorado Central Railroad - Gary Morgan, 1974, Little London Press, Colorado Springs, CO
bulletTracking Ghost Railroads in Colorado - Robert Ormes, 1975, ISBN: 0-937080-01-2
bulletAn interesting book of maps of Colorado Railroads.
bulletWorkbook on Black Hawk - Mike Blazek, 3351 Nevada Ave., Costa Mesa, California, 92626 (714) 979-8055, Station Maps and yard information, building and structure identification and discussion, data on tracks, turnouts, switch stands and bridges; other modeling information. 


bulletThe Gilpin Railroad Quarterly - $20/yr, P.O. Box 747, Idaho Springs CO 80452
bulletThe Mining Investor - Gazette Building, Colorado Springs, CO
bulletWeekly magazine published throughout the early 20th century, full of information about the mines and mills of the era.



bulletGilpin Ghost - Joe Crea, Digital Video Images, Inc - 
bulletMany good pictures of mines and mills on the Gilpin.
bulletMines & Mills in the Colorado Rockies - Joe Crea, Digital Video Images, Inc
bulletCrea tells the history of some of the most famous mines and mills in the Black Hawk, Central City, Cripple Creek, Leadville, Idaho Springs and Victor areas.


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