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bullet27 September, 2017
bulletMinor updates.
bullet3 December, 2008
bulletAdded Sanborn Map and made corrections to Grand Army page.
bulletCreated Whiting Mine page.
bulletAdded photo to Apex page.
bulletAdded photos to Nevadaville page.
bullet12 January, 2008
bulletAdded 1909 and 1912 Annual Reports for the Fontenac Mining Comany.
bulletAdded photo to Mountain City page.
bulletAdded new photo of Hidden Treasure Mill.
bulletCreated a C&S in Golden page.
bulletAdded photos to C&S along Clear Creek.
bulletAdded photos of Randolph Mill.
bulletCreate Prize Mine page.
bullet27 January, 2007
bulletAdded movie of The Gilpin Tram.
bullet29 December, 2006
bulletAdded additional text to the Gunnell Mine.
bulletAdded article on Rocky Mountain Concentrator.
bullet22 September, 2006
bulletMoved photo of Fontenac Mine to correct page.
bulletAdded modern photo of Fontenac Mine.
bullet17 September, 2006
bulletCreated Pewabic and Iron Mines page.
bullet14 January, 2006
bulletCreated Grand Central Mine page.
bulletCreated page showing my article on the Virtual Gilpin in Railroad Model Craftsman.
bullet6 December, 2005
bulletMade a couple of tweaks to the maps page.
bulletCreated a series of Gilpin Map pages with active hot links.
bulletCreated a Gilpin Engine House page.
bulletReworked the Gregory Buell page.
bullet3 December, 2005
bulletReworked and added photos to the Grand Army page.
bulletCreated a new page for the Gold Collar mine.
bulletAdded text and screen shots to Gunnell Mine page.
bullet2 December, 2005
bulletReworked and added new materials to Randolph Mill page.
bulletAdded a photo to the American City page.
bulletReworked the Black Hawk page and added photos.
bulletAdded a newspaper quote to the '08 Democratic Convention.
bulletAdded text and newspaper quotes to the Fifty Gold Mines page.
bulletAdded a photo to the Humphry Mill.
bullet24 October, 2005
bulletReworked and added material to the References page.
bulletReworked and added photos to the Fifty Gold Mines page.
bulletAdded photos to Bonanza Mill and Mine.
bullet11 October, 2005
bulletAdded 1938 photos of the remains of the Humphry Concentrator.
bulletAdded a photo of C&S rolling stock near Black Hawk Station to C&S Black Hawk page.
bulletCreated Chase Mine page.
bullet4 September, 2005
bulletAdded photos of East Portal of Moffat Tunnel while it was under construction to Moffat page.
bulletAdded a few more photos (including panoramic photos)  of Central City.
bulletAdded two new photos of the Eureka Mine.
bulletAdded a new photo to Iron City Mill.
bulletAdded photo of C&S snow train above Black Hawk on Along the Switchback page.
bulletAdded a number of photos to Black Hawk page.
bulletAdded a panoramic shot of Nevadaville today.
bulletAdded a photo of 50 Gold Mines mill.
bulletAdded photos to C&S Black Hawk page.
bulletAdded interior shot of Hidden Treasure Mill.
bullet1 July, 2005
bulletUpdated photos of Virtual Gilpin
bullet21 May 2005
bulletRemoved photos from Identify Photos page and added new photo.
bulletCreated Meade Mill page.
bulletUpdated a photo description on the Gilpin Tram Photos page.
bulletAdded photos to Moffat Road page.
bulletCreated Wheeler Mill page.
bullet14 May 2005
bulletAdded page and photos for American City
bulletAdded page for Antelope
bulletAdded page and photos for Apex
bulletAdded page for Baltimore
bulletAdded new text for Black Hawk
bulletAdded new page and photos of Tolland
bulletAdded new page and photos of Rollinsville
bulletUpdated the text for Nevadaville
bulletAdded new page and photos of Mountain City
bulletAdded new page and photos of Hughesville.
bulletAdded a new mill photo to Identify Photo's
bulletAdded photos to Pittsburg Mine
bullet30 March 2005
bulletAdded 1897 letter from California Milling and Mining Company to Documents.
bulletAdded 1907 Bond for the Gilpin Tramway to Documents.
bulletAdded September 1890 shipping list from the San Juan Mine to the New York and Hidden Treasure mills to Documents.
bulletCreated new Moffat Road page.
bulletAdded a bunch of new pictures to the Trainz Photos page.
bulletAdded new photo to C&S Black Hawk page.
bullet5 January 2005
bulletAdded revised photo to Banta Hill.
bulletAdded books to Reference page.
bulletAdded ability to give donations to Main page.
bulletAdded new photo to What's New.
bulletAdded photo to Hidden Treasure Mill.
bulletAdded a 1908 Democratic Convention page.
bulletAdded and removed some photos from the Gilpin Tram Photo's page.
bulletAdded an Excursion page.
bulletAdded photo to Randolph Mill.
bulletAdded photo to Old Town.
bulletAdded photo to Saratoga.
bulletAdded text to Russell Gulch.
bulletAdded text to Nevadaville.
bullet30 December 2004
bulletAdded photo to Bonanza Mill page.
bulletReworked and added information to the Mines and Mills page.
bulletAdded information to various mill pages.
bulletAdded Banta Hill page.
bulletAdded Pittsburgh Mine page.
bulletAdded photo to Colorado Central Black Hawk page.
bulletAdded a couple of pictures to Russell Gulch page.
bulletAdded Topeka Mine page.
bulletAdded photo and text to California Mine page.
bulletAdded current photo to Nevadaville page.
bulletAdded a photo of the Humphry Concentrator.
bullet14 November 2004
bulletAdded photo to Identify page.
bullet13 November 2004
bulletAdded new photos of Old Town mine.
bulletAdded new photo of Frontenac Mine.
bulletAdded photo to Eureka Mine.
bulletCreated Grand Army page.
bulletAdded photo of New York Mill.
bulletAdded photo of Aduddell Mine.
bullet12 November 2004
bulletAdded passenger car photo to Roster Page.
bulletAdded locomotive #5 photo at water tank in Gilpin Tram Photos.
bulletAdded new photo of Nevadaville.
bulletAdded Bobtail Mine page.
bulletAdded photo of two women in shaft house on Mines and Mills page.
bulletAdded two photos of Fifty Gold Mines Mill (was Bobtail Mill).
bulletAdded photo to Central City page.
bulletAdded new photo of C&S Switchback to Central City.
bulletAdded pictures to Black Hawk page including shot of Sampling Works
bulletAdded pictures to C&S Black Hawk page.
bulletAdded pictures to Clear Creek page.
bulletAdded picture of Oliver Mill.
bullet27 September 2004
bulletAdded photo to Avon Mill
bulletAdded Sanborn map of Gregory Buell
bulletAdded new photo to Identify Photos
bulletAdded new photo to the Colorado Central Switchback page.
bulletAdded photo of miners at Gold Coin Mine.
bulletAdded photo of Freedom/Oliver Mill.
bullet20 September 2004
bulletAdded panoramic picture to Black Hawk page.
bulletAdded new photo to Gregory Buell page.
bulletAdded photo to Russell Gulch page.
bulletChanged the identify pics page.
bulletCreated Rocky Mountain Concentrator page.
bulletCreated a CCRR/C&SRR Along the Switchback page.
bulletMiscellaneous changes and new cross linking.
bullet19 September 2004
bulletReorganized the pages.
bulletBroke Colorado Central/Colorado & Southern into regional pages.
bulletAdded a couple of references to the References page.
bulletAdded Pease Kansas Mine page.
bulletAdded pictures to CCRR Central City page.
bulletMiscellaneous changes.
bullet16 September 2004
bulletAdded some current photos and dimensions of the Avon Mill.
bulletAdded a photo of a factory from Black Hawk to Identify Photos page
bulletCreated a Towns and Cities page.
bulletCreated Russell Gulch page.
bulletCreated Nevadaville page.
bulletCreated Rialto Mine page.
bulletCreated Roderick Mine page.
bulletCreated Old Town Mine page.
bulletChanged map and added dimensions for Gunnell Mine.
bulletAdded new photo of Polar Star Mill.
bulletCreated Humphry Concentrator page.
bulletAdded new Shay pic in front of Roderick Mine to Gilpin Tram Photos.
bulletMiscellaneous other changes.
bullet22 August 2004
bulletRevised Virtual Gilpin image
bulletRevised most of the Trainz Photos
bulletAdded one more comparison on Trainz Compare page.
bullet19 August 2004
bulletAdded photo of Iron City Mill
bulletAdded Eureka Mine page.
bulletAdded current photos of Gunnell Mine.
bulletAdded photo from Virtual Gilpin to California Mine.
bulletAdded history of the Colorado Central.
bullet12 July 2004
bulletAdded photo to the Identify Photos Page.
bullet10 July 2004
bulletReworked the Gunnell Mine page.
bulletAdded Avon Mine pics to Compare to History
bulletAdded mile post numbers to most mines and mills.
bulletMinor changes and corrections.
bullet8 July 2004
bulletAdded page for Gunnell Mine
bulletRemoved Gunnell Mine pic from Identify Photos page.
bulletReworked Mines and Mills page
bulletReworked Bonanza Mill page.
bullet7 July 2004
bulletAdded two new interesting photos to the Identify Photos Page.
bulletAdded page for Gold Coin Mine.
bullet2 July 2004
bulletAdded photos to Black Hawk
bulletAdded screen shot of model of Avon Mine
bullet31 May 2004
bulletAdded photo to Colorado Central Photo page
bulletAdded plans for Shay #2
bulletAdded bridge plans
bulletAdded article on Snowplow #02
bullet15 March 2004
bulletAdded C&S Folio of Gilpin Equipment
bulletAdded Station List for Gilpin
bulletMinor reorganization
bullet14 March 2004
bulletAdded documents page with a 1888 Quit Claim deed of transfer to the Gilpin
bulletAdded newspaper article, Killed on Tramway
bulletAdded investment advertisement for Vivian mine
bullet4 March 2004
bulletAdded Hollenback's book to reference page
bulletAdded site map
bulletAdded Tucker Mine and Mill page
bulletAdded Saratoga Mine page
bulletAdded picture and Sanborn map to California Mine
bulletAdded Compare to History page showing historic pics along with their virtual version.
bulletMinor cleanup and corrections.
bullet28 February 2004
bulletNew ore car photo
bulletReworked text on Trainz Model
bulletAdded article on Iron City Mill
bulletAdded article on Frontenac trackage
bullet27 February 2004
bulletAdded What's New page
bulletAdded Frontenac and Aduddell mines page
bulletUpdated Trainz Photos
bulletAdded Identify These Photos page
bulletAdded more photos to Iron City Mill.
bulletJanuary 2004
bulletGilpin Gold Tram site introduced.



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